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Forked Up

Aug 30, 2018

James Beard award-winning author Michael W. Twitty (THE COOKING GENE) joins the podcast this week to discuss balancing the discussion between food and race, facing off against critics and how food is crucial in defining one's roots.


Also, Matt & Michelle got you covered on why China loves Budweiser so much, the milk...

Aug 23, 2018

Television writer, producer and author Phil Rosenthal (EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND) joins Matt and Michelle this week to talk about the new season of his travel/food show on Netflix - SOMEBODY FEED PHIL - as well as the wonders of traveling, raising up the good and supporting the local economy while on a cruise.


Also, our...

Aug 16, 2018

Internet personality Mia Khalifa (ROOSTER TEETH) stops by the podcast to wax poetic with Matt & Michelle about metabolisms, average dudes getting cooking shows and her culinary habits.


Also, the crew breaks down the finer points of weed-infused beer and why you should be concerned about the red algae in Florida.

Aug 9, 2018

Podcasters and overall wild dudes Joel Miller and Karl Hess (YELLING ABOUT PATE) stop by the show this week to discuss aggressive vegetable intake, overrated foods in LA, the joys of golf and play a spirited game of F-MARRY-KILL.


Also, Matt & Michelle welcome Surge back into our lives and confirm that you don't need...

Aug 2, 2018

Irish television personality, food writer AND singer Donal Skehan is new to LA and everyone keeps thinking his dog is a corgi but it's not. It’s a Jack Russell terrier. Join Matt and Michelle this week as they welcome the charming Donal to the podcast to talk about the food culture in Los Angeles, meal planning,...