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Forked Up

Oct 31, 2019

Writer, director and a maestro of the horror genre, Mick Garris (HOCUS POCUS, NIGHTMARE CINEMA) joins Matt and Michelle in the booth today for a special Halloween episode! Mick goes in-depth about horror filmmaking (might even of made Michelle a fan!), operating R2-D2 at the Oscars and how he has adapted a...

Oct 24, 2019

Food expert Lenore Newman, author of LOST FEAST: CULINARY EXTINCTION AND THE FUTURE OF FOOD, joins the show this week to talk about eroding bio-diversity, Nazi cows and eating our food into oblivion.


Also, Matt and Michelle are here to inform you about the latest tuna crisis, Taco Bell having metal meat and why...

Oct 17, 2019

Comedian, writer and podcaster Ali Weiss (VICE, Playboy) kicks it on the show this week to cover the gamut from weed suppositories to therapy to weird health snack reviews. 


Also, Matt and Michelle share with you the "joy of cooking," why big meat is getting scared and a huge win for the buffaloes!

Oct 10, 2019

Author and senior pet advocate Steve Greig (THE ONE AND ONLY WOLFGANG) joins our hosts this week to talk about how focusing his energies on older pets helped him ease the loss of his own.


Also, Matt and Michelle warn about weed killer in your rosé, why some scientists can be wrong and where DOES your recalled food...

Oct 3, 2019

Comedian Tone Bell stops by to promote his new film THE WEEKEND as well as his recent encounter with persimmons and a wide range of cucumbers!


Also, Matt and Michelle enlighten you on how to nut your way to health, your right to bear gas and why you should watch out for plastic in your tea.